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Shop for the highest quality country braided rugs, chair pads, placemats, bench pads, heart rugs, dog bone rugs, stair treads and runners at the best prices!

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We offer top quality Braided Rugs which are timeless and fashionable while protecting your hardwood floors and carpet. We make our braid from high-quality yarn, starting with a solid yarn core. We never use fillers or paper in our braid core. Each braided rug is sewn together with super strong monofilament thread which is stronger and more durable than cotton.

Our Country Braided Rugs are stylish while bring a traditional look to any room in your home, apartment or farmhouse. Each rug is handcrafted by skilled American workers. Our rugs lay flat with no lumps. They are so durable they will last a lifetime. They feel so incredible underneath your feet you will want them in every room of your home.

We offer hundreds of braided rug colors; choose from solid colors, two color braids, three color braids or mix color braids. Select the colors to match your home’s décor in one of our pre-designed patterns or create your own. Our rugs are available in a variety of sizes or select your own size. Our Country Braided Rugs are truly customizable.

Whether you are looking for area rugs, Chair pads, bench pads, stair treads or runners we offer the best quality and prices!

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